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There's a bit more to Kin Za Za than just a vibrant clash of diverse energies. Kin Za Za's sound has a magic vibe that comes straight from 'Somewhere'. This has helped Kin Za Za create a nostalgically colourful, darkly cheerful, stylistically unlimited sonic adventure "Number One in Shambala". This smooth duo of an unconscious beat have been topping the charts of Shambala with their smash hits such as:

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1. 'The River'
The infinite waters of multi-layered minimalism. (video page)

2. 'Spirit that left'
The energy of electro folklore.(video page)

3. 'Endless Freedom'
A perfect blend of Slavic beat and wild classic tunes.(video page)

4. 'When you arrive'
Emotions that scratch and flow in
classic twist. (video page)

5 'Somewhere'
Splashing tunes on the doorsteps
of Nowhere. (video page)

6. Mirror

7. I'm a dance

8. 'Black Bird'
This acoustic space was inspired by the Tibetan "Book of the dead". (video page)
9. 'Falling'
Slamming their hypnotic beat in an adventurous and original way. (video page)

10. 'Mid knight'
The roots of this song vary from techno
renaissance to the English folk. (video page)

11. 'Elation'
A pub song + childhood memories.

12. 'Story'
A giant space of acoustic guitar and vocals of "Alice in Wonderland".

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