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Dimitri and Jozy clashed together in the late 90's on the way into an unknown galaxy.
A galaxy of awesome clashes and hidden messages. A galaxy they called Kin Za Za.

No mutual interest, no common friends, no common taste, no common important thing' uncommon vision of music. The result: 'Number One in Shambala'.

'Number One in Shambala' is an album-story/album-vision. It takes us into the minds of holy strangers trapped in grotesque events that depict the illusion of knowledge and the unreality of feelings. The path of this journey is marked by extreme romanticism, extreme nostalgia, extreme wonder, extreme death and extreme subtle humour.

Kin Za Za is not a fusion of styles. Kin Za Za is not a fusion of cultures. Kin Za Za is a fusion of feelings, a fusion of different truths...The fusion of death and birth and whatever lies between.

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