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DIMITRI : Composer, guitarist, filmmaker, video/audio producer. Genetic Secrets: Some unknown exotic nation . Illegal responsibilities: Composer, producer, filmmaker, member of numerous obscure and secret societies. Last place of reincarnation: Kazakhstan at the back of the stage of undisclosed concert hall. History of migration: Russia > Baltic Countries >USA > UK > Canada Evidence of existence: Sound waves of Kin Za Za

JOZY: Singer, choreographer, music/film producer. Genetic Secrets: French, Spanish, Irish with some alien participation in the creation of Original Jozy DNA Illegal Responsibilities:Night Time: First lady of Shambala Day Time: Songwriter, Choreographer and full time thinker.Last Place of Reincarnation: Was thrown out of a space ship which collided with the Russian Sputnik over Quebec territories ... Date of Birth: Every day Mission: Kin Za Za Sicknesses: Incurable optimist Evidence of Existence: Teacher, choreographer for "Evidence" dance company (1991-1996). First prize at GranbyInternational Song Festival. Composed and choreographed shows for the independent dance-trio "Trance Former" (1996-1998). Production/Post-production supervisor of a numerous music video productions.

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