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  • 01/10/03 Kin Za Za CD_DVD Limited Edition is Distributed in the USA by NARADA. EMI
  • Kin Za Za was featuring on the Global Hits BBC Music online

  • Kin Za Za recieved 7 Platinum Awards from AURORAAWARDS FILM FESTIVAL

  • PRESS RELEASE : Kin Za Za is the world's only independent band to produce 13 35MM videos and feature film Montreal, Canada -- "The River" by Ambient-World, pop duo Kin Za Za was selected as one of 50 music videos for the 2nd Annual Indie Music Video Festival ( The duo beat out artists, musicians and videographers from Canada, the U.S., U.K., Australia, Norway, and Germany to be included in the two-day festival touring through Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Seattle, Washington DC, Hamilton (ON) and Los Angeles. "Kin Za Za were selected for the visual impact of the video and on the strength of the song, The River," said Festival Directors Nicole Steen.

    '"Our activities as musicians, coupled with our life-long interest in filmmaking, placed us in touch with our personal merger of image, tone and rhythm," explained duo member and Director Dimitri Soukonnov. "We wanted to create a lyrical, romantic and melancholic flow of life imagery as perceived by a dreaming person."

    ""The River" is based on a personal sonic visualization of the Tibetan Book Of The Dead," influenced in part by conversations by Dimitri with actual monks in the southeast region of Siberia who practiced a form of shamanic Buddhism. The next stop on the festival's, presented by Justice Through Music is on Saturday November 15 at the American Film Institute Silver Theater on Silver Spring, Maryland. More on Kin Za Za
    * Genre: Classic + Celtic + Electro + ... and maybe a slight touch of Trip-Hop

  • 19/10/02
    New reviews are added in the review section
  • 18/10/02
    Hello All. Kin Za Za`s single `The River`` is doing pretty darn well right now on the radio.
    Here`s some info: The song is N1 at the CKLD FM Victoriaville. N2 CKRB FM Saint-Georges-Beauce N2 CKGN FM Kapuskasking and it is top 10 on 5 other radio stations
    (Today Kin Za Za is TOP 44/QuebecRadioCharts)

  • 12/8/02
    Kin Za Za`s video "The River" hits N 4 ON BRAVO TV
    Also `Number One in Shambala`` is available now online- CDBABY /Editor`s Pick!!!/
  • 5/7/02
    We are happy to announce that our Canadian promotion has been entrusted to the shrewd and mighty minds of Music Solutions: Linda Dawe, founder of Music Solutions, has an impressive history of skating ice flows to reach the media world of indie music.
  • 1/5/02
    Kin Za Za ``Number One in Shambala`` is released in Canada. Distributed by Select Distribution CDLCD-2041
  • 13/02/02
    You will be able to upgrade your consciousness everywhere in Canada with the official release of "Number One in Shambala" by Kin Za Za on the 1st of June 2002. 10 000 cds are going to be printed and distributed in one shot.
  • 10/02/02
    Kin Za Za is available through Archambault stores in Montreal. Check out the independent release section.
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