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    Bio from the future
    His favourite maxim: When the axe came into the forest, the trees said 'the handle is one of us.'
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    Who is he?
    Master of Transparent Grooves and Slavic Ambience with a touch of shamanic flavour.

    Physical reconstruction:
    From Dimitri's samples of films, sounds, DNA and photographs, archaeologists can reconstruct an atmospheric image of what they would have found, had they knocked on the door of "Sense Records" in the summer of 2001. They would no doubt have been admitted readily, for Dimitri was no recluse. They would have probably found him sitting in front of his computer surrounded by those rear acoustic instruments that brought him into contact with the mysterious Shambala. Or perhaps they would have found him sitting at the dinner table, drinking genetically unmodified vodka, a man of just over twenty, or thirty (or maybe even sixty), wearing perhaps, even during summertime, one of those Dracula-like hats of the 1980 films, with a shiny shaved head escaping from under his peculiar hat; they would have recognized the inquisitive eyes looking out from an ascetic face lined by adversity, the full red lips betraying both sensitivity and humour, and his long flexible fingers touching the strings of his acoustic guitar. The physical surroundings of his space might have resembled the sound studio in which he was photographed in 2001, sporadically furnished according to the ideas of the time; analog pre-amps with military style knobs, an ancient computer based on antique Pentium7 processors, a collection of esoteric mics, an old table standing in the corner covered with grotesque sound cards, hard drives, books, CDs, tapes and flowers. A fridge standing open would reveal shelves of 35mm film cans and a disturbing absence of food.

    A majority of archaeologists confirm that this slim figure would have risen to greet them immediately since he was a most secret investigator of an acoustic pre-human consciousness in the State (formerly known as North America). They agree that the conversation would not have been difficult or complex, for it seems that Dimitri had a unique ability to mesmerize, transcend and transmit beyond physical languages. In fact, archaeologists claim that they would probably have fallen under his spell, whilst he described to them in detail the bliss of his spiritual catacomb in the transparent underworld of Montreal.

    Some documents from the beginning of the 1990's suggest that some of the artists who favoured his ideas and thoughts invited him to Germany, England and Sweden. He seemed to enjoy full hospitality anywhere he set foot, as evidenced by his alleged trip to the US in 1991. However, contrary to the spirit of the age, Dimitri preferred to be a citizen of Shambala, or perhaps rather, a pilgrim.

    A Dictaphone recording from 1999, gives us an impression of what this nomadic visionary sought after in life. "So where will you go in the future?" asks the interviewer. "Somewhere", replies Dimitri, "…somewhere where I can enroll to become a free man of the universe."


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