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Listening to this remarkable singer is like sliding over transparent layers of icy pop, which melts into a bottomless ocean of symphony. You are going to freeze, then you are going to melt, and then you are
going to drown, should you follow her vocal path over hidden temperatures of Kin Za Za's infinite waters.

Andrian Wasmann (Music Critic. N.Y)
The Digital Digestive

Physical reconstruction: Turning to the YIN side of Kin Za Za, archaeologists have found a Renaissance lady with a mighty vocal pipe known to some as 'Jozy', or as 'Jozeyeland' to others. Much could be said, and much has indeed been said, about the key position held by Jozy in the spread of Kin Za Za's energy. Archaeologists agree that only an astonishingly swift singer could have covered the same ground in Shambala that she did. She was generally regarded as the smoothest singer of her time because of her intriguing imagination, and not only to surmise, but also because of the kinship between her mind and outlook with that of the R&B-Jazz-Country-Celtic-Hop world.

A few observations seem worth noting to illustrate Jozy's connection with Kin Za Za. Firstly, archaeologists often remark upon her unexpected insights into the balalaika-vodka-siberian-avant-garde-trip-hop driven side of
Kin Za Za (YANG side of Kin Za Za). She seems to have brought a quirky and delightful lightness to the dark cycles of Kin Za Za's Slavic harmonies. Jozy was able to link complexity and simplicity through the skilful transitions of her vocal arrangements. Some archaeologists even venture to say that she brought the east to the west, without making it the west. Her sense of extreme elegance, her unmistakable turn of intervals and her spirituality, are her pure blood in the healthy body of Kin Za Za.

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