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The Name: Kin Za Za

Main definition:
The name Kin Za Za is a fruit of imagination. It is an invented word. When one does not know how to name something - one calls it Kin Za Za. The name is also distantly derived from an old absurdist, cult film-comedy "Kin DZA DZA". Moreover, it has a certain connection with Kin Za, a Tibetan Monk of an unknown religion, who traveled north 3000 years ago, and who was taught secret spiritual techniques by Nordic nations: both Slavs and Celts.

In one of the ancient Siberian Shaman cultures, ZA ZA also stood for YIN and YANG. In general, ZA ZA symbolized pagan representation of the entire celestial phenomenon; there was no differentiation between opposites, the two existed simultaneously. Some of these cultures did not refer to our primal sources of energy as sun and moon. Rather they were referred to as the sun of the day and the sun of the night. ZA was the past, and ZA was the future. Therefore, ZA ZA exists now; it is the never-ending, undivided present.


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