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Directed by Dimitri Soukonnov

Source: super 35MM Kodak
Vision 200 +Fuji250 D (ARRI 435)

Master: Digibeta

Black Bird
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One night I had a really odd dream. An awesome black bird was trying to break out of a cage. Feathers were flying everywhere. They looked like very strange 3-D writings projected into empty space. I was drifting backwards between those feather-like letters. Drifting towards this cage. Very slowly...

Music style:
Song starts with D-minor chord progressions on acoustic guitar and percussion made of flaps of wings, water and electronic drums, layered with very old harmonium and occasional splashes of electric guitar. Female vocal starts with East-European-ish melody and ends up with R&B-ish riff.

Artist: Kin Za Za
Director: Dimitri Soukonnov
D.O.P:Duraid Munajim
Additional lip sync and studio cinematography: Dimitri Soukonnov
Edit: Dimitri Soukonnov (Sense Productions)DPS Velocity
Executive Producer: Paul Lebrasseur
Big, Big Thanx to Stephane Desautels

2002 All rights reserved to Kinzaza ©