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Directed by Dimitri Soukonnov

Source: super 35MM Kodak Vision 200 (ARRI 435)
Master: Digibeta

Endless Freedom
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"I'm interested in anything about revolt, disorder, chaos, especially activity that appears to have no meaning. It seems to me to be the road toward freedom."
- Jim Morrison

It is a clear view of freedom from the inside of an aquarium placed next to a big lake. The borders are transparent yet impenetrable.

This video is about memories, transformation and all sorts of other illusions. Raw and simple, the video is packed with hidden messages, twisted symbols, and unexpected moments. It has the flavour of double meaning and subtle humour.

Music style: Fluctuations of acoustic guitar between Slavic/Celtic folk and very light Electro Jazz (played in 6/8) layered with trip-hop beats (in 3/4), abstract flamenco step dancing, occasional sitar notes, string arrangements, non-musical samples and omni-present female vocals.

Artist: Kin Za Za
Director: Dimitri Soukonnov
D.O.P: Duraid Munajim
Additional lipsync and studio cinematography: Dimitri Soukonnov
Edit: Dimitri Soukonnov (Sense Productions)DPS Velocity
Executive Producer: Paul Lebrasseur
Big Thanx to Stephane Desautels

©KinZaZa 2001

2002 All rights reserved to Kinzaza ©