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Directed by Dimitri Soukonnov

Source: super 35MM Kodak Vision 200 (ARRI 2c)
Master: Digibeta

Mid Knight
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This is not thrill-seeking, beat-driven, dance music. 'MidKnight' features an unearthly witch-like intro, and there are subconscious dance-floor knights and goblins...

Music style: Ravish, medieval, techno dance with fluctuations of tempo and subliminal voices.

Artist: Kin Za Za
Director: Dimitri
D.O.P: Dimitri
1st Camera Assistant: Oleksa Lozowchuk
Production Assistant: Petros Kolyvas
Edit: Dimitri (Sense Productions)DPS Velocity

2002 All rights reserved to Kinzaza ©