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Directed by Dimitri Soukonnov

: super 35MM Kodak Vision 200 (ARRI 2c)
Master: Digibeta

When You Arrive
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The video is a Baroque-action symphony, taking place amidst flying cellos, remnants of sunken ships, and pagan night ghosts. It is a vision of sunset golden hues, swallowed by the silver smoke of night ecstasy.

Music style: Classic guitar progression, reversed telephone samples, heavy EQ on electric guitar, multitudes of cellos. Child-boy-like female vocals with type of Jazzy-Broadway harmony endings. It ends with the sample of a 35mm projector tearing apart the end of the film.

Artist: Kin Za Za Director: Dimitri Soukonnov
D.O.P: Giulia Frati

Edit: Dimitri Soukonnov

(Sense Productions)DPS Velocity

2002 All rights reserved to Kinzaza ©